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We are Synthese, your expert at helping you when you're not feeling well because of mental health issues. We offer treatment to adults from 18 years of age from various sociocultural backgrounds.

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Synthese | iGGz

Our mission

As a medical specialist institution, it is our mission to provide quality and safety in intercultural psychiatry. We believe that your culture determines how you experience reality.

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Synthese | iGGz

Professionals in our treatment center

Our colleagues are well trained and are skilled and competent in their field. They are honest and everything you discuss with them will of course remain secret.

Synthese | iGGz
Synthese As a medical specialist treatment center, it offers ambulatory psychiatry for everyone from the age of 18.
Our mission
Personal, involved & effective in connection with your own strength.
Skilled Professionals
Our colleagues are well trained and are skilled and competent in their field.


Common problems

At Synthese We deal with different types of problems. With our high ambitions and unique approach, we are passionate about serving our patients. For more information click below or visit our specialties.


You feel empty or gloomy, you no longer feel like doing anything, you no longer enjoy eating, you cry a lot, you are often agitated and tired, you experience…

Anxiety and Panic

You suffer from fears that are very prominent and lead to severe panic reactions. Common fears are fears of going out…

Psycho trauma

You have experienced something very bad, you regularly have bad memories or nightmares, you suddenly feel like you did during the trauma, you…

Pain symptoms

You have various pain complaints in your body. The specialists have been able to find little or insufficient indications for the cause of this. If…

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How to get to Synthese?

Discuss your complaints with your GP. This will give you a referral letter, which you can use to contact us directly! In the referral letter, the general practitioner must state whether it is a referral Basic GGZ of Specialist GGZ regarding.

Why you for Synthese chooses

  • Effective unique multidisciplinary approach
  • HKZ-certified
  • Certified practitioners
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