Short-term and generalist treatment

You have been referred by your GP for the basics GGZ. You experience mild to moderate psychological problems or have been familiar with psychological problems for a long time and have a brief need for help.
In brief

In addition to the range of specialist treatment, we do as Synthese also short-term and generalist treatment. In this form of therapy we focus on the treatment of adults who suffer from mild to moderate psychological problems that are not considered complex. This form of care is also suitable for people with long-term mental health conditions who want to maintain their functioning and prevent relapse. Our practitioners work with patients to quickly help them on the road to recovery and regaining control over their situation. Together with you we will determine what is needed to continue on your own again.

Within our short-term generalist ggz approach, we offer help for a wide range of common mental health conditions. This includes problems such as anxiety disorders, mild personality disorders, experiences with trauma, mild depression and ADHD. Patients generally have contact with one permanent practitioner, but if necessary, another healthcare provider can also be involved in the treatment.


Based on your request for help, we can use a number of forms of therapy. This includes guidance, medication, psychoeducation, self-management, psychotherapy and e-health modules. In general, we will need 8-12 treatment sessions for this. From the start, it is made clear what is expected of you and we provide a realistic picture of the treatment duration and progression. Our goal is to provide transparency and clarity, so that you can enter your treatment process with confidence.

Generalistic and Person-oriented

The holistic approach is central to both our short-term and long-term processes. We look beyond your complaints; we see the person behind the problem. By focusing not only on the condition, but on you as a whole person, we focus on the various domains that contribute to your overall well-being.

Strengthening Self-Direction

A key aspect of our treatment, regardless of duration, is empowering our clients. We are committed to strengthening your capacity for self-management and self-direction. This means that we support you in developing the skills necessary to continue your life independently and with confidence after treatment.

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