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Synthese iGGz was founded by entrepreneurs with a broad experience background in entrepreneurship and intercultural psychiatry. Together with high ambitions and our unique approach, we are passionate about serving our patients.

We have a large network that includes various care providers, referrers and chain partners, including cultural organizations. Our approach is to provide effective and efficient care among groups of people where the threshold to the GGz is still very large. We are here for every citizen of the world from all cultural backgrounds!

We are in favor of interculturalization and want to draw more attention to this principle, as well as to our unique multidisciplinary treatment methods.

Synthese As a medical specialist treatment center, it offers ambulatory psychiatry for everyone from the age of 18. We focus in particular on intercultural psychiatry, so all global citizens from diverse sociocultural backgrounds are welcome.

We use unique multidisciplinary methods and we are close to the patient because of our involvement. Our head office is located at De la Reyweg 186 in health center Zorgpoli Haaglanden in The Hague. As a result, we have good cooperation with referrers, the target group and the social map.

Thanks to our neighbourhood-oriented approach, lines are short and assistance is efficient and effective. Our practitioners have broad experience and are knowledgeable about our target group.

The clients mainly live in The Hague region. We are in the process of setting up work sites in other cities.

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