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In the Netherlands everyone has basic insurance. All treatments that Synthese are covered by this basic insurance. This means that your treatment will be reimbursed by your health insurer. However, you must take into account the mandatory deductible that must be paid.

In 2022 we will be working with the following health insurers:

In 2021 Synthese contracted with the following health insurers:

In 2020 Synthese contracted with the following health insurers:

How much will I pay to deductible in 2022?

In 2022 you will pay for treatments in the GGZ a maximum of € 385 deductible annually. Or a higher amount that can rise to a maximum of € 885 if you have opted for a voluntary deductible.

Treatments in the GGZ that started in 2021

If you started treatment in 2021 that will continue into 2022, you will pay a maximum of your entire deductible in both calendar years. Previously, this was not the case for a treatment shorter than a year. In that case, you only paid the deductible for the treatment in one calendar year. Even if that treatment was spread over 2 calendar years.

If your treatment started in 2021 and continues into 2022, it depends on your personal situation whether you also pay the deductible for the treatment in both calendar years:

  • If you need little other care, maybe.
  • If you have already paid your deductible in full in a particular calendar year. For example, because you have been to the hospital. You are not going to pay extra.

Do you have questions about how much you should pay? Please contact your health insurer.


What if Synthese is not contracted with my health insurer?

If you are not insured with one of the above health insurers. Then it would Synthese bill her treatment monthly. You must submit the invoice yourself to your health insurer.

Which treatments are not reimbursed by the health insurer?

Treatments that are not reimbursed under the basic insurance are, for example: adjustment disorder, complaints of overstrain (or burnout), relationship and work-related problems or bereavement.

Synthese will always inform you prior to the treatment if the treatment is not reimbursed.

If you are not sure whether your treatment will be reimbursed, please consult your policy or contact your health insurer.

Cancel your appointment in time!

You must always cancel an appointment made at least 24 hours in advance, by e-mail or by telephone. Our answering machine is always on. If the appointment is not canceled in time, € 40 will be charged for the reserved time.

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