Pain symptoms

You have various pain complaints in your body. The specialists have been able to find little or insufficient indications for the cause of this. As a result of the pain, it is often impossible to function normally at school or work. Not everyone understands you, because from the outside there is little to see.

If the above has applied to you for some time, you most likely have a pain disorder. The physical pain then has a psychological cause.


No physical cause can be found on medical examination. The complaints can occur in all parts of the body, in the muscles but also in the bones. Many people have difficulty with the fact that there is no explanation for the severe pain. It is then very difficult to accept that the cause can also be psychological. The characteristics of a pain disorder are:

  • pain in multiple parts of the body;
  • pain is so severe that you seek medical attention;
  • psychological factors influence the severity and duration of the pain;
  • the pain has no physical cause.


With a lot of pain in the body you have little or no quality of life. The complaints that arise from this are not always recognised. Bee Synthese we can help you in various ways. The goal is that you learn to deal with the causes of this pain. We live the entire life course with you to look for possible causes. Religious experience can be an integral part of this. We work with you in a solution-oriented way to regain balance, so that your complaints can decrease.

Your treatment may consist of:

  • individual therapy;
  • group therapy;
  • relaxation therapy;
  • medication.

You will receive an explanation about the complaints and how unhelpful thoughts can ensure that you continue to feel bad. You will also learn how to convert unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts. You will also receive information about how to relax better.


Sometimes (temporary) antidepressants or a sedative are prescribed in combination with therapy. These can reduce anxiety and clear up the highs and lows in mood. However, medication is only prescribed when it is really necessary.

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